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We use only the highest quality commercial grade products with our Irrigation systems. We install everything from simple four zone residential systems to large scale commercial sprinkler systems. LandCrafters can also modify an existing sprinkler system to reach its full potential and to properly water your plants and turf and be water conservative at the same time.

You don't want a landscape contractor guessing when estimating your Irrigation System. We measure volume, available pressure and run lengths and do the math at the estimate stage. This ensures we will be installing the best Irrigation System possible without having to upcharge later because an aspect wasn't discovered up front.

Irrigation from a well or other "off the grid" water sources creates a curve ball most Landscape Irrigation Contractors try to avoid. LandCrafters is highly skilled and experienced in these situations. Understanding Hydrodynamics lets us properly size pumps and pipe to design a Sprinkler System that is going to irrigate your plants and turf effectively and efficiently.

Our experience in water efficiency allows us to install some of the most technologically advanced systems available. From the use of SMART Controllers to water efficient nozzles LandCrafters will ensure you are paying the least amount possible on your water bill.

Backflow Prevention Devices are required by law in and irrigation system that is connected to a potable water supply. LandCrafters, being a fully licensed backflow installer, has the ability to identify and install the proper backflow prevention device in your irrigation system.

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