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Selecting and placing plants is a critical part of your landscape. Improperly placed plants can cause serious problems as your landscape matures. LandCrafters is well versed in creating the perfect, year-round gardens. 

Plant Material is guaranteed for one year.

Seed versus Sod:

Seeding can be more cost effective on large lawns but will take 6-8 weeks to really start looking full and another couple months to firmly root.

Sod is instantaneous and can endure light usage immediately after installation. After a few weeks the roots start to take hold into the soil and the seams start growing together. At this point, water requirements decrease and full usage is acceptable!

From seasonal color and privacy screens to that weed-free, silky smooth lawn, LandCrafters has the knowledge and ability to transform your yard.

Synthetic Lawns and Putting Greens:

Synthetic lawns create countless solutions to everyday problems.

Custom putting greens are a great addition to a golfers’ dream landscape. Having your own private green is an advantage that will prove itself on the course. Also, home putting greens are a great entertainment element!

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